Sebastian Maniscalco’s Dad Showed Robert De Niro How to Do Highlights (Extended) | The Tonight Show

Sebastian Maniscalco talks about replacing Thanksgiving turkey with mussels and octopus, going from waiting on Robert De Niro at the Four Seasons to working with him and his cooking show Well Done.

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Sebastian Maniscalco’s Dad Showed Robert De Niro How to Do Highlights (Extended) | The Tonight Show



49 thoughts on “Sebastian Maniscalco’s Dad Showed Robert De Niro How to Do Highlights (Extended) | The Tonight Show”

  1. It's funny to hear his true speaking voice. It's close to his voice when he performs it's just not as accentuated. Still I just love to hear him talk any day in any way!

  2. DUDE… it's seriously wild that after however many years of doing this job Jimmy is still blatantly and ( I think? ) obliviously interrupting people every single time they try to say something – and half the time he doesn't even know what he's gonna say back!

    I have no idea why NBC wouldn't set him up with some coaching or retraining or practice, etc if for no reason other than their own vested interest in the quality of the show

    And if NBC isn't bothered, I'm still baffled as to why Jimmy wouldn't take it upon himself to try to work on the embarrassing character defect. People had to have said something to him. Wouldn't any normal person feel way stupid every time someone mentioned they'd been doing something so rude and obvious for YEARS

    Idk man, at this point I'm genuinely curious what's going on haha

  3. Absolutely the funniest guy. His physicality and facial expressions and family stuff is hilarious. His entire act is hilarious! I can understand why he sells out arenas.

  4. No, his dad is right. you make a guy fly out, lose time with his clients, and money. Time is money. No matter how famous someone is, your time is to be paid for.

  5. I love this comedian, he is the best of the best he has me laughing so hard and he doesn't just stand in one spot, he's all over the place such energy and never needs to have a foul mouth I binge watch him all the time

  6. I randomly came across this brilliant dude recently. Had never heard of him. Now, I search for anything I can find. Can't wait for the movie! He's one of the greatest comedians, I've ever seen. He finds humor in real life situations. That airport piece had me crying 😢 😭 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I just saw him in @ PECHANGA Resort Casino in Temecula California this past August. He was SOFA KING Funny…….I died a 1000 times 🤣😅🤣😅😂🤣 Constant no-breathers

  8. So did his father get paid or didn't he? As usual, Jimmy changed the subject before it reached its conclusion. Why wouldn't they pay Sebastian's father? If they brought in someone with a different last name to give De Niro tips they would have paid that guy.

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