28 thoughts on “Secret KATANA in Elden Ring | How to Get The Amazing Dragonscale Blade Location Guide!”

  1. Hey man just wanted to say that you should never apologize for wanting to share information with us. It was a great guide and I loved your enthusiasm over the weapon, definitely very cool and I have it now thanks to you.

  2. My advice for you is, there are always haters, if your videos has supporters or likes, make more for these audience. I can tell you are very stress about bad comments, keep up the good work, it takes times to produce a video post, people should be grateful. 💪🏻💪🏻

  3. Though I originally thought this katana was awesome, I soon realized it's the only Katana in the game that doesn't have bleed effect or a passive effect trait.

    I'm not sure if this is by design or if it's not showing proper stats. But I find it odd that every other Katana in the game has a passive effect save this one.

  4. These videos are cool and I love the fact that y’all take the time to make them. Much appreciated. My one complaint is you guys only show fights with low grade mods. And then we go and jump and get these weapons and try to do later and end game with them and they don’t make the grade. I just got This weapon last night. I am unimpressed with the damage output. 80 faith 70 dex by the way. Weapon is buffed by 150 which is great but the buff is very short.

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