Simple Cheesy Tacos on Hot Plate & How to Make Tortilla on Fire

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Today we will show you how to make cheesy tacos and tortillas on a hot plate from scratch. Once you master cooking over open fire, everything you make will taste better. First sprinkle veggies and meat with Almazan Kitchen® spices and fry them. Then give them a good chop with Almazan Kitchen® spatulas, which are ideal for cooking on a hot plate. Generously cover meat with cheddar and fill your tortillas with veggies and cheesy meat. Easy, quick, delicious!

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41 thoughts on “Simple Cheesy Tacos on Hot Plate & How to Make Tortilla on Fire”

  1. Hooooch lebe AlmazanKitchen!!!
    I ❤️ the AK very much!!!

  2. First time i've ever judged your food instincts. You put ketchup in the grilled veggies that were to go on a taco? Not crazy, but definitely unexpected.

  3. There you go again. Just a few simple, beautiful, fresh ingredients and you made an absolutely delicious meal. That meat looks so tender and juicy and there is nothing better than the taste of the tortilla cooked on the coals…..simply perfect. Once again I thank you for doing what you do and I send you love as always :* :*

  4. At my job as a Chef I smell each food item before giving it to waitres. I sniff as hard as possibl so I can smell your food before you eat it. Sometimes my nose touches your food if I get to close. You are eating food that has been sniffed by me as hard as possible

  5. Almost better than my tacos. I'll give it a try. 10/10 abgebrueht approved. Little note: Real tortilla are made with lard or butter, no oil! But still good ones. ^.^

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