The secret to Julius Caesar [how to get insane reports] Rise of kingdoms

We cracked the code on Julius Caesar in Rise of Kingdoms to get absolutely ridiculous trades even before the museum and relic buffs from Season of Conquest. Big thank you to Cortex and King of Armenia for taking the time to help with this testing!

— Chapters —
0:00 Julius Caesar OP?
1:42 The secret to Caesar
6:12 Reports: No-gear tests
7:40 Reports: Full-gear tests
13:39 Rage-loading test
14:42 Conclusions
16:32 Caesar Talents
18:20 Rage Alternatives




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47 thoughts on “The secret to Julius Caesar [how to get insane reports] Rise of kingdoms”

  1. BIG THANK YOU TO KOA & CORTEX FOR HELPING WITH THE TESTING! Are there other Caesar combos that you think could work? leave a comment down below, throw a like on the video because you are AWESOME, and join our <— so you don't miss a thing!!

  2. Anyone noticed , the xy + Julius report had unequal amount of troops in the march 8:20. That might've caused the severely injured to differ that much.

  3. You use cavs, a strong commander and have more troops than your opponents. This is not a so called secret anyway okay. When you replace XY by Pelagius, the result wont be positive 🙂

  4. They used to mock me on the Official ROK Discord for saying that JC secondary is pretty good in 1 vs 1 duels.

    Caesar is greedy… doesn't AOE, doesn't AOE buff, or do any debuffs… but in a 1 vs 1, he can do quite well.

  5. I think Harald-Caesar can actually be quite good. Caesar's boost to all damage will make Harald's counterattack be even more insane AND you are almost certainly going to have the buff followed by a viking axe or two… Caesar gives an attack (counterattack too by extension) and defense boosts, both of those benefit Harald greatly as well as the damage taken reduction… so that might be a great pair for Harald.

    Also, more troops from Caesar's 4th skill equals more counterattack and skill damage too.

  6. JC's 2nd skill requires <60% to be really effective so the trades are good in these 100 to 0 duels. My open field fights don't always go to 60%. So comparatively, Duel: good trades for 60% of the fight, My use cases: 0% of fights.

  7. Golden chests commanders is the worst thing of this game, I have been playing actively for 800 days and Im still half way to expertise them.. So I need 1600 days to get resonable valur from them? By this time I Will have access to enought meta commanders that I wont need them anymore.. so they are completly useless.. All they do is making unawear players to spend Golden Heads where they shouldnt and end Up quitting the game

  8. I'm confused shouldn't this be a thought process? I've been trying this ever since I had JC at the start of my account. Yes JC is strong the buff are pretty good and the duration makes it strong.

  9. Is also because you use 2 points only on rejuvenate of 3. You generate ‘only’ 100 rage instead 150. I use scipio and it cast his active skill every 4 with horn. Without horn at 5 turn.

  10. This seems to be misleading, having extra troop wont make it balance, indeed you will win because of the number of troops you have. imagine the number troops remaining you have for sure the bill of youe hospital wont make any difference vs having defeated of your enemies

  11. 1Julius primary is essentially doing the same thing as expertised Alex primary. But Alex is 30% AoE bleeding and gives bigger attack boosts. The idea of using Julius secondary and using the 5 seconds to wrap around is very interesting.

  12. If jc working with xy then ragnar will also work. 40% all damage and 20% all damage reduction in active skill, fixed 20% attack and defence, 10% normal attacks damage reduction plus 10% troop capacity. There is extra 10% all damage if you are attacking cities 😅

  13. Awesome video
    Im curious can i see a gang kahn video with ceaser please and who would be primary with kahn / ceaser ?
    And you didnt mention troop types if u tried with mixed also

  14. I always get loads of info from your vids, but the 1v1 tests aren't that important.

    How many situations are there in RoK where you get in a 1v1 situation? There are always other marches nearby, if not your own there usually will be allies with AoE (de)buffs etc. or multiple enemy marches.

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