This masters Anivia support showed me how to win lane every game

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29 thoughts on “This masters Anivia support showed me how to win lane every game”

  1. As an Anivia main who occasionally dabbles in Anivia support

    You are correct, Botlane has no idea what this champion does and it makers her broken in support

  2. Day 21 of The Groundskeeper:
    Groundskeeper Swain (jng) has to make the rounds to clear out the pests (ganking) and literally feed (1st/bird seed emote on every gank) the birds (Anivia, Azir, Quinn, Xayah, Rakan)

  3. ah when i make the comment about starting w for that exact move and the next anivia video is doing just that. Just remember where you heard it first ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Guys. When Anivia has egg. When zac has blobs. When anyone has GA. There are wings around their level the right of their health bar. STOP GETTING BAITED YOU FOOLS!!

  5. Makes me want to see a "Balls to the Walls" comp: Yorick/Taliah for Top/Mid, Trundle Jungle, Poppy and Anivia as botlane. All the zoning and tackles would make me cackle.

  6. Day 36 of Telling Ross that Fizz is scientifically the best champ for him.


    1. His passive makes it literally impossible for him to be minion blocked (we all know how many times that happens to him)

    2. His W makes it incredibly easy to cs. Not only is it an auto attack reset, so you don't have to worry about timing too much, it does an insane amount of damage, and after lich bane, it has the same ap scaling as lux ult. Its cooldown is pretty much when you kill your target with it (We all know how many times Ross has missed up on cs)

    3. He can one shot any squishy target, and has about as much range as old math pantheon if you build rocket belt, not to mention he can negate all damage and cc while in his e, while pantheon can only stop damage from one direction

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