TP-Link, How to setup wireless router for TM UniFi – Latest User Interface

How to setup wireless router for TM UniFi? It’s is simple!
Please unplug your old router, all connection and devices.

Step 1: Connecting your new router (by Internet port) to the modem (silver box) provided by TM (by LAN 1 port).

Step 2: Please connect the HyppTV box by LAN 1 port if you have it. Now connecting your new router (by LAN 2 port or WiFi) with your laptop/computer.

Step 3: Don’t forget to plug in power adapter and press the ON button.

Step 4: Open internet browser and search to enter User Interface (UI). Please bear in mind sometime it will takes 1 – 2 minutes to access into UI.

Step 5: Once you are enter into UI Log In page, use “admin” for both ID and password to log in UI. You may close the Pop Up if you don’t want to replace the log in ID and password now.

Step 6: Go to Quick Setup, select Time Zone “GMT +08:00”.

Step 7: Select “PPPoE” for Internet Connection Type.

Step 8: Fill in your UniFi ID name (xxxx@unifi) and password. Please contact TM customer hotline +603 2241 129 if you are not sure about your ID name & password.

Step 9: In Wireless Setting you can set your preferred WiFi name and password. Please do not change other setting if you are not sure about it. It will takes 2 – 3 minutes to save the setting and please do not close it.

Step 10: Go to Network (Left) page and Select IPTV to Enable IPTV.
First, select “V3” for IGMP Version then “Malaysia-Unifi”. Please reboot/restart your router after save the setting.

Step 11: Enjoy your Internet now!

If you are looking for further assistance please contact us at +60321414358 or send us an email to

Please visit our website: for more information.


28 thoughts on “TP-Link, How to setup wireless router for TM UniFi – Latest User Interface”

  1. Reminder:
    1. If you encounter any problem, press the reset button at the back your new router using paper clip or needle. Try again all steps in the video.
    2. After reset, both username & password for tp link router is admin (or you can find at the bottom of your new router) .
    3. PPPoE username & password is needed. PPPoE is NOT the same as your unifi SSID & password. You can get PPPoE from TM customer service.

  2. Great tutorial video and still worked for me in 2021
    The most important step is enable IPTV and choose mode to Malaysia Unifi to access internet via router

  3. I just bought this Tp Link ArcherC6 my i have problem with my connection no change of wifi conectivity signal. Im using Sim Card modem/Router now.
    My question:
    1)How to set up this Tp link router Archer C6 with Mesh Wifi eg Tp Link Deco M4?
    Thk you.

  4. I just bought same router tp link archer AC 1200 yesterday..but I can't view my Unifi hypptv channels..I plugin Unifi Hypptv cable in router LAN 1..but still can't view hypptv

  5. Some note to those who drop by: admin/admin are common but there are different password depends on models. If you bought a new router, check manual or search model password online.
    You can find out your UniFi Internet Username and Password by going to your existing router setting page (it is different from WiFi name (SSID) or your UniFi account). If it's hidden, you can ask those from technician through customer services.

  6. Hello TP Link, is the AC3150 V2 an overkill for 1300sqft single storey home? I have 3 smartphone, one Nvidia Shield TV and one gaming computer. 100mbps unifi speed.

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