Treats For MOTHER'S DAY! | How To Cake It Step By Step

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How To Cake It brings you the best of cake decorating and baking, all the time! Watch and learn how to make top cake trends, every week. Novelty cakes with Italian Meringue Buttercream, chocolate and fondant; buttercream vanilla cakes soaked in simple syrup, frosted, and piped; sugar cookies flooded with icing and stuffed cupcakes topped with sprinkles. Looking for a recipe? Check out howtocakeit(dot)com. Tips, tricks and simple techniques. New cake compilations every Monday and Thursday at 5PM.

If you are a cake artist or maker of mind-blowing edible creations we would love to feature your work! Email us at with pic or video of your cakes!

Ultimate Chocolate Cake-
Ultimate Vanilla Cake-
Italian Meringue Buttercream-
Vanilla Toffee Cake-
Simple Syrup Bottle –
Crumb Coat and Chill Apron & Spatulas-

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