Why are Reyna mains so toxic?

open me :3

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33 thoughts on “Why are Reyna mains so toxic?”

  1. I made the mistake of making a joke in valorant cause the person on my team had a dollar tree mic that made him sound like a robot. All i said was "sorry i don't speak robot" and instead of just taking it as a joke he responded with "I don't speak whore". Was also a Reyna.

  2. as a reyna main, i literally am the least toxic person ever. the only time i get angry or annoyed it’ll always be about someone trashtalking me or me whiffing or overall playing bad xD

  3. Great question, I had a insta lock Reyna who complained about anything. If I even took a breath in her general direction it was wrong lol.

  4. Why do I feel like im the only Nice reyna main . Like I had à 40 kill game and I lost and I didnt flame anyone and every lost round I said nt

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