Why Did the Jedi Use Children on the Battlefield?

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The Jedi didn’t hesitate to jump into command roles when the Clone Wars kicked off. There was a sense of duty and adventure that pulled these force users to the battlefield. But did they need to bring their teenage Padawan along with them as well?

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50 thoughts on “Why Did the Jedi Use Children on the Battlefield?”

  1. It doesn’t matter that they are children. The rules are different for people with almost unlimited access to super powers. If they think about it they can most likely do it. 1 child jedi warrior is worth 100,000 normal human warriors and that’s conservative. Would you rather lose 100,000 people to take one objective, or lose 1?

  2. I thought it more like Star Wars in many ways like a medieval society with high tech stuff, like medieval society regularly had kids fighting in war because that they way thing was, only recently with modern society that we decided to put a age limited on solder.

  3. Even with everything Ukraine is going through to stop the russians, they still have a age limit of 18 for their soldiers. I can't see why the Republic and the Jedi didn't do the same. Though in the "Dune" universe, child warriors were common and the "Fremen" were religious warriors, some with mystical powers, like the Jedi.

  4. Actually, Obi-Wan filled Depa Billaba's seat (Billaba would later take Even Piell's seat before handing it down to Stass Allie). Kit Fisto was given Trebor's seat.

  5. I think about a Padawan playing and talking to one of his/her close clone friend happily. As they go off some distance the clone gets the order and looks in sadness knowing what he'll have to do. He goes close to them and the Padawan turns around with a smile and then with a sad confused look. The clone pulls good pistol out and he says "I'm sorry" and pulls the trigger. Padawan dies and the clone walks away taking off his helmet with a tear coming down his face.

  6. So the simplify this, the Jedi Masters cannot leave their Padawans alone because in less than five minutes, they will cause a bunch of messes without their supervisions.

  7. Unfortunately. Obi Wan was the only one that had combat experience against a sith at that point. No one from the previous war was still alive to support either side of the argument. I think Qui Gon being killed by Darth Maul was part of Palpatine's plan because of how much of a skeptic he was.

  8. Before watching this, my thoughts would be that the Republic didn't want to spend as much money to make more clones (palpatine not wanting to be obvious) so they employed the Jedi. But when the jedi came in, they realized that they needed more people on the battlefield. Also, a padawan on the battlefield with their master would probably train them enough for whatever comes AFTER the war.

  9. I think had the Jedi had had the time they could have trained the teens better for combat. Sense the didn't have the time I would go with the out maneuvering side. The Jedi as a whole were not ready for the war and the teens even less so.

  10. How do you define "child" in a universe of extremely varied longevities and maturation rates? And the two may not have any relation to the other, nor may they have any relation to actual learning speed. The only thing I can think is each padawan is measured on their emotional maturity. Of course saying that, I think the Jedi failed too often with various individuals, and probably needed a far better system

  11. They're not the only ones. The Republic used ten-year-old clone soldiers, and the Seps used battle droids that were mere hours or days old when sent into battle. That doesn't even count organic natural-born children who were dragged into the war on both sides whenever an invading army got too close to their lands.

  12. I remember this one battle from the old EU Clone Wars comics….. this group of Padawans were basically abandoned on a planet full of Separatists. Their forces were all bit depleted, and sending reinforcements just wasn't an option, it was too risky to try and get more forces there. So all of the Padawans left behind, they all fought til the end, and died. Anakin was actually among this group, but he got conveniently called away by Palpatine… (so that his future apprentice wouldn't be killed in battle lol)

  13. Lol it's like every video you release, it just shows the jedi as horrible people. Is it that the writing for starwars is that bad? I think they need to retcon everything released up until this point as the dream of an autistic Ewok. And make some new stories

  14. I think it also boils down to the idea that you can really only learn so much in a controlled situation where the teacher can step in an stop things when the student is in danger but really the only way for a jedi to properly learn how to fight and our negotiation skills is in real life out side the protection and control of the classroom so in away the Jedi did the right thing giving the young ones real life practice at a young age

  15. Far as military roles, I'd consider the Jedi a more, advisory role, like the Chaplains of the Adeptus Astartes. Capable of doing combat yes, but primarily a morale and spiritual position to support their men.

  16. “The Republic seems to be running out of Jedi.” (Activates lightsaber)
    Ahsoka, “He’s just another tinny boys. Let’s scrap him like the rest.”

  17. Gotta hand it to them where due though. SOME Jedi showed to be EXCELLENT an VERY competent COs apparently some you just don't screw with alone or at the head of their own small army.
    Padawans following Masters ANYWHERE.. think Sideous knew the Jedi an how they operated quite well. An he could use their own philosophy to expertly manipulate most of them in VERY unexpected an subtle ways an NEVER need even be anywhere near MOST of them vast majority of the time

  18. I read about a medieval battle, a ten year old prince was present on a battle field, the general in command was killed in action, the ten year old prince took assumed command and he actually won the battle. Lol

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