Why F1 Teams DON'T Want Andretti To Join Formula 1

Why would Andretti Autosport racing in Formula 1 hurt the current 10 teams on the grid? Michael Andretti, head of the Andretti teams in Indycar, Formula E, Supercars and more, has been eying up the 11th team spot on the F1 grid for a while now.

But the rest of the teams, including Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and more, aren’t providing their support to the new team just yet, for a good reason. Luke Smith takes a look at why Andretti is so interested in racing in Formula 1, why the existing teams don’t want it, and what this means for the future of Andretti and Formula 1.

0:00 Andretti Tries To Join F1
0:58 No Support from F1 Teams
1:38 Money, money, money
2:38 Andretti’s Effect on F1
3:10 The Entry Payment Isn’t Enough
3:52 Support and Challenges
4:42 How Andretti Moves Forward

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36 thoughts on “Why F1 Teams DON'T Want Andretti To Join Formula 1”

  1. They don’t an American team who could compete period. All the press would be on them from day one. They’re fine with a crap team like bass being there.

  2. Personally I don’t understand why new teams can’t join provided they meet the criteria….. there has to be a cap Ofcourse but I think the sport can afford couple more teams especially Andretti to drive the American market. The £200m he’s willing to cough up is simply astonishing and teams will get that for free, yep free. I am sure they can negotiate and pro rata the dilution so Andretti and any new teams get a smaller share but that seems unfair given they are paying money to get in. Greed seems to be the driving force.

  3. Andretti and Haas must have bad-blood … Otherise a partnership would have already been done. I think Audi will buy Williams – allowing Dorilton to gracefully bow out.

  4. Yet again this talk,better without them,theres enough merica in f1 now and later on with their 3rd gp for whatever reason,they are a big market but lets not act as if they are more important than the rest.

  5. The teams put up this huge 200 million dollar wall to keep new teams out, thinking it would be enough. Now that someone's come along with the ability to get past the wall, the teams are saying 200 million isn't enough.

    It wasn't ever supposed to be an anti-dilution fee, it was just supposed to keep everyone else out of F1.

  6. I think a 12 team cap would be fair especially if the teams get such a large payout immidietly. F1 will be mad to ignore such a big team from America joining when they're clearly trying to push the sport over there more an more… 3 races a year but not allow them to compete?!?! Seems crazy.

  7. Their should be a entrence fee. who ever has the money can enter according to the existing rules. Only ten teams will get paid by F1 prize money. End discussion.

  8. That $200M fee he would need to pay split to each team, keeps the prize money for every team the current $20M for the next 10 years only then would you lose out. The money definitely isn’t the only issue here

  9. The fact of the matter is that if it benefits the sport in the long-run, the myopic team owners can't see past their short-term interests. The fact that they don't want them says that F1 truly needs Andretti and an actual American team.

  10. some motor sports have far to many team doubt formula 1 would ever be like that but i think they should avoid being much bigger than they are now. Youve got porsche audi and andretti that would be 6 new cars, thats allot

  11. What if the top half of the grid keep their current prize cut and the bottom half take a reduction? Gives you more incentive to get in the top 5 (or 6) and might encourage Audi to start a new team instead of ruining McLaren

  12. It’s BS that they welcome Audi & Porsche with open arms and give Andretti such a hard time! Andretti Autosport is one of the largest actual autosport companies in the world! Success in multiple categories of racing. And I’m surprised and also disappointed Liberty media hasn’t put pressure on F1 to accept Andretti because they would be able to do what Haas failed to do and that is to tap the American market! 350 million people available to make fans and spend $$….. i get the dilution stuff but insanity that Liberty media doesn’t start strong arm-ing these teams!

  13. It's because Europeans don't like Americans. Plain and simple. Andretti meets all the requirements but still has opposition, meanwhile Audi and Porsche have no such hurdles.

  14. It's pretty ridiculous that they are looking at Andretti as some scrub outfit that noone has ever heard of. The more this whole thing drags on. The more i feel that Andretti should just drop the whole goddamn thing and put more focus on advancing Indycar.

  15. One thing The FIA and F1 are not seeing is the growth of F1 in the United States. I don't see the push back from F1 and companies from the VW group wanting to get into F1. Europe is very short visionas to growth of the United States market. Its still the same old we are better than you Americans. If F1 still wants to be the top racing series it needs an American team . Look how popular it could be here in the United States. But its going to have to be on over the air tv there are not enough people to watch it that will pay for it. And anyway there is no sport besides golf on TV on a Sunday during the summer. The USFL IS NOT FOOTBALL. Its a cross between high school and Pop Warner football its a purely TV driven run sport.

  16. Well it was never healthy for F1 to not take the needs and desires of the teams competing into consideration and they got a lot of support from the fans to not be squashed by FIA and management but equally it is not healthy for the teams to dominate all proceedings and that could loose them the support of fans,fans of the sport and the competition,want competition!

  17. The dilution argument is a valid point. While "giving fans what they want" is a nice idea, it rarely works out from a business side (look what's happened to NASCAR over the past two decades.) I would love to see new teams added, but not at the expense of current teams.

  18. Let's face it f1 is going away from real racing and concentrating on the show. I'm suprised jake paul isn't trying to get a seat

  19. I think if F1 wants to continue their new success in America they would be wise to let Andretti in. The teams know it’s going happen if they want F1 to be more global.

  20. They are worried a new team can beat the established guard. Price money can be limited to just the top 10 teams. Leaving 11th place with nothing if teams are worried about “diluting” the price money.

    Imagine they perform as well as Brawn (or at least don’t end up last) and that results in Williams leaving due to lack of funding.

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