Why McLaren refuses to sell its F1 team to Audi

Audi is desperate to get into Formula 1 by buying an existing team and for several months McLaren has always been mentioned in connection with that.
The intention is for Audi to enter F1 in 2026 by developing its own engine, a project that is awaiting the final sign-off but has effectively been confirmed by the Volkswagen Group.
McLaren has admitted to having talks with Audi and the door might still be open to some kind of deal – but not if Audi’s demands stay the same.

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24 thoughts on “Why McLaren refuses to sell its F1 team to Audi”

  1. Wait, so my question is, if Audi decides to be an engine supplier, what’s gonna happen to Porsche because as i remember both entities were wanting to supposedly going to have some sort of involvement in F1, as Audi being a Team and Porsche being the engine supplier

  2. Audi has to create their team if they want to participate. Anyway, they will never enter the sport, as it's way too expensive for what they are willing to spend.

  3. It would be great for Audi to build with a team such as Williams that is not a car manufacturer brand such the big teams, it would benefit both teams to be in a partnership, but also it is if Williams current owner would go for a deal from Audi due to the fact that Williams is ok in a financial position. I'd love to see Audi as a full works team on the grid.

  4. f1 without McLaren would be like f1 without Ferrari if that makes sense, the history, iconic MTC, the passionate fans, the rivalry with Ferrari (though not at its peak now)

  5. The hard part doesn't change. I don't think any of the teams want to relinquish ownership and that clearly what audi wants. Aston Martin Alfa Romeo or Aston Martin are more likely I'd say.

  6. I'll take ten Andretti teams over one VW/Audi because there is NO WAY that built-in performance advantages are not being written into the VW/Audi agreements ala Mercedes. VW have already been working on their engine that others will have limited time to catch up with, creating an identical situation that led to a ridiculous EIGHT WCCs for Merc. New teams are great, but this artificial situation is terrible for F1 and I hope VW/Audi back out and Andretti and others come in. Throw the gatekeepers in the ocean. (Toto)

  7. I'm wondering… With Andretti looking to enter and Audi too, would it be an option for them to span together and form Andretti-Audi F1 Team? Not sure how either party would feel about co-owning a team but it would lessen the burden of entry on them.

  8. I remember 2012 season when we had 12 teams 24 drivers. So many backmarkers for the front runners to get through. A lot of chaos and Fun for a fan watching 😅

  9. I don't see the sense in McLaren selling out to VAG; they're competitors in the road car market (Porsche) and McLaren is a marquee name in F1. Even an engine deal (Audi engine in a McLaren) would look a bit odd.

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