Why you SHOULD NOT ENTER Hearthstone's Heroic Brawliseum!

Today we go over why I feel you should not enter the Heroic Brawliseum and how Blizzard can improve it going forward.

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26 thoughts on “Why you SHOULD NOT ENTER Hearthstone's Heroic Brawliseum!”

  1. Honestly I dont think its that bad, at 4 wins you get your value back (5 packs + 190 dust (thats like 4 packs) + 190 gold thats, thats almost 11 packs worth of dust), and if you go beyond that it gets you really good staff

  2. yeah the rewards should be better for the early tiers and have better scaling like getting gold back for like 6 wins or more like in duels or arena

  3. I was actually under the impression that they'd give everyone a free run like they did previous times…

    It's insane to me that they don't start off the pool with giving people 10 packs… It's as insane to me that the jump from 11 to 12 wins is 34 packs and almost 620 gold… I think I'd be angrier losing my 13th game and going 11-3 than if I lost after 3 wins…

    Thanks for the warning, I'm bad enough at arena… I'll stay way clear of this mode…

  4. I come back to the game every once in a while, so I missed the previous times this happened, how hard is the competition? I generally make legend in standard in ~2 days and play a few hours a day, would that give me a good shot

  5. they should halve the entry to 500 and halve the reward to 25 packs for 12 wins.
    remove golden legendary rewards and replace with more dust- craft the one you want.
    and make the scaling more linear.
    or give us 2 tavern brawls – 1 changing weekly and other monthly with more craziness going around. and you could claim your free pack in either one every week.

  6. Its all rigged. Blizzard have the data on how much gold a player has saved up on average and then they release this event to take away some gold for the upcoming mini-set so that players spend money on it. Its just like stock market where market makers have all the data such as margin debt taken, stop losses and they screw up the retailers.

  7. this game takes absolutely no skill just the best cards and luck drawn, for that reason alone id never play that clown heroic mode

  8. While I really love the game, there are definitely some issues that need addressing such as the lack of accessibility for blind players. The only way we are able to play is using a patch made by someone who does this in his free time which while appreciated greatly by most of the blind community, means that every time they release an update, none of us can play the game until he finds free time to update the patch on his end. Maybe one day.

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