WoT Blitz. Tutorial: How to Win on the Middleburg Map

Middleburg is a map where you need to get the most out of every area in order to secure victory. Watch the masters at work, study their tactics, and apply it in battle!
World of Tanks Blitz is a cross-platform, free-to-play, team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, the game lets players control over 370 legendary armored vehicles.
World of Tank Blitz is an action-packed tank game that lets players seamlessly enjoy the online real-time action anywhere. Fast paced and accessible, the game puts fun first, mixing the historical and lighthearted, the serious and the fantastic, offering a thrilling arcade-like experience.

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47 thoughts on “WoT Blitz. Tutorial: How to Win on the Middleburg Map”

  1. WG we need a video on Molendijk not this map that has been out for years!
    Also would be better to have random weather patterns for these maps as it gets old.

  2. Wargaming, if you could undo the mistakes of update 5.5 you wouldn't have to make instructional videos.
    There are more players at tier X with 200 total games played than there is at tier 3. And that's where they should be. Bring back the real tech tree and a lot of complaints would stop.

  3. Still doesn't address all of the tier 3 players with tier 3 skills and tier 3 stats that are inundating upper tiers with their complete lack of experience, game knowledge, and toxicity. Down voting these players does nothing to make them aware or accountable for ruining the match, and subsequent teams because they refuse to learn in lower tiers. Well done War Gaming. You continually encourage, promote, and allow non-skilled players to ruin the dedication and work of others. You expect the players to learn from their mistakes but you refuse to do so yourself – which sets a bad example and precedence for expectations.

  4. Nightmare for solo Everytime I use HT the LT and MT would follow to city and end up ruined the formation cuz we got flanked
    And Everytime I use LT or MT the others LT/MT would leaving me alone fighting 2 or more enemies Tank🤣
    I just hope everything can be smooth as the video but NOPE too many selfish players who don't want to follow rules and strategy and ended up ruined everyone fun game

  5. why dont you make a "how to win on mines guide" rather than middleburg huh, just remove that map on tier 8+ already, it is so dumb

  6. a little more realism is missing like the players that yolo does, the guy who just has a tier x tank sometimes I think they should put some requirement to play tier x

  7. This Tips will only work in Tournaments. And if U get steamrolled, or loose hill, U r in a bad position. Firing from upper Position makes angled Armour useless and U can only fight from few places while they can surround and shoot U from everywhere. 80% of battles r won in Hills.

  8. 6 years of experiencing this map can be pretty complicated for me and can only determine how good or really bad the team is.
    It would make most sense for lots of tanks to move up the hill where there is high ground advantage no matter what type of tanks you are but if you are a heavy tank that drives slowly up the hill, take the city and climb from the other side to flank.
    If there are more heavy tanks in a match of Middleburg,the tanks at the hill should either scout and flank or support the heavies in the city which is okay for me as long as you stay behind them. I recommend teams to stick to together do not abandon your teammates (unless they are AFK) and don't act stupid by playing lone wolf because its been tried there, its has failed there.

  9. i love how the wz113 was the first heavy destroyed, thing is in just 10 games trying to get 100% crew i lost 109k credits bc i had to load gold bc i apparently cant pen an is7 frontally

  10. Tbh this video is meaningless. Maybe there will be one time where you don't create med biased side and all tactic in the end end up being all med side and let's coin flip the mother fucker. Maybe back in the day 5-6 years ago heavies still went to heavy sides since they didn't know better. Now like 2/3 maps are all go med side and that other 1/3 wins who has better mediums. Also we wont talk about some maps where if you don't have a good med or light your chances to win are not existent unless enemy is terrible. Tbh as I see comments of this video are more informative then the video. Video was pretty much there are city, slope and hill zone. That's it. Tactics zero.

    WG I get what you want to do and help the community but this videos contain no explanations nor how to recognise which side to go or what positions are good. Videos need to be more informative and by informative not misleading people. On some of your videos you though people to do what not a single good player does. Who are those pros from whom you get the informations?

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